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5 Best Apps Similar to Proctorio

5 Best Apps Similar to Proctorio

Remote proctoring has become an increasingly popular tool for instructors to ensure the academic integrity of their students. Proctorio is one of the most popular services for remote proctoring, but it's not the only option. Whether you're looking for a more affordable alternative or just want to explore the range of options available, here are five of the best apps similar to Proctorio.


ExamSoft is an efficient, secure, and easy-to-use software application designed to help educators, students and administrators manage their exams. This powerful software provides a wide range of features to assist with the development and delivery of exams, including exam creation, delivery, and grading. ExamSoft also offers a secure and convenient way to store, organize and track exam results.

ExamSoft’s main feature is its exam creation tool. This tool allows educators to create and customize their own exams in a matter of minutes. The software includes a variety of templates and questions that can be used to create exams quickly and easily. Educators can also add images, audio files, and videos to their exams if desired. After an exam is created, it can be securely stored on ExamSoft’s servers.

Once an exam is created, it can be easily delivered to students. ExamSoft’s secure delivery system ensures that the exam is sent securely and quickly. This allows students to take their exams from any device, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

ExamSoft also offers a powerful grading tool. This tool allows educators to quickly and accurately grade exams. Educators can use this tool to assign points, offer feedback, and track student performance. The software also provides detailed reports and analytics to help educators better understand student performance and make adjustments to their exams as needed.


ProctorU is an online proctoring application that allows learners to take exams in a secure, convenient, and reliable environment. The application helps to ensure the integrity of online exams and provides a simple way for learners to complete their tests in the comfort of their own home.

ProctorU is a web-based platform that is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. To start using the application, learners must register for an account and provide a valid form of identification. Once the registration is complete, the learner can select their exam date, time, and proctoring type.

The ProctorU application provides three types of proctoring services: Live Proctoring, Automated Proctoring, and On-Demand Proctoring. Live proctoring is the most secure proctoring option, as it requires a human proctor to monitor the learner throughout the entire exam. Automated Proctoring is a more automated form of proctoring, which uses artificial intelligence to monitor the learner's behavior. On-Demand Proctoring is a more flexible option that allows learners to take their exam whenever it is convenient for them. 

To ensure the integrity of the exam, ProctorU uses a variety of security measures. For example, the application uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of the learner, as well as audio and video monitoring to detect any suspicious behavior. Additionally, the application also uses a secure browser to prevent the learner from accessing any unauthorized websites or applications during the exam. 

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is an online proctoring software that has revolutionized the way students take tests and exams. Developed by Respondus, Inc., the software is designed to provide a secure and reliable way for students to take tests and exams remotely.

The Respondus Monitor application provides a secure environment for remote testing by using a combination of the latest in proctoring technology, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition. During a test or exam session, the software will continuously monitor the student’s environment to ensure that the test is being taken in a secure environment. Additionally, the software includes a variety of features that help ensure the validity of the test results.

The Respondus Monitor application includes features such as facial recognition, which allows the software to detect any changes in the student's facial features or appearance throughout the test session. Additionally, the software can detect any suspicious activities or behavior, such as the student attempting to access unauthorized materials or opening another application. If there is any suspicious activity detected, the software will alert the proctor and the student will be asked to stop the test session.

The Respondus Monitor application also includes a number of other features that help ensure the validity of the test results. The software will track the student’s activities, including when the student accesses a test, how long the test is taken, and how many times the student views the test. Additionally, the software will also take screenshots of the student’s computer screen throughout the test session. All of these features help to ensure that the student is taking the test in a secure environment and that the results are valid.


Examity is an online proctoring application that helps students take their exams securely and efficiently. It is one of the most popular online proctoring services available, and it is used by many universities, colleges, and other academic institutions.

Examity was founded in 2012 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company works with academic institutions to help them ensure the integrity of their examinations. It provides an easy-to-use platform that allows students to take their exams in a secure environment. Examity also offers several features, such as video monitoring, live proctoring, and identity verification, that help to ensure that the student is the one taking the exam and that the test results are accurate.

When a student signs up for Examity, they can choose from a variety of proctoring options, including live proctoring or automated proctoring. Live proctoring requires the student to connect with a proctor who will monitor the student during the exam. Automated proctoring requires the student to complete a series of verification steps before taking the exam. This includes scanning their ID, answering a series of questions, and providing a picture of themselves.

Once the student has completed the setup process, they can begin taking their exam. The platform will monitor the student to ensure that they are following the rules of the exam and that they are taking the exam in a secure environment.

Examity also provides a detailed report of the student’s performance on the exam. This includes a breakdown of the questions they answered correctly, the time they took to answer each question, and any suspicious activity that was detected. This report can be used by the institution to measure the student’s performance.


In an era of intense competition, students are under immense pressure to excel in their examinations. To help ease the burden, ExamMonitor is a revolutionary new application that helps students stay focused and motivated while studying for their exams.

ExamMonitor allows students to track their progress in their studies, by setting goals and tracking their progress. It also encourages students to stay organized and motivated. It has an integrated calendar, which helps them keep track of the important deadlines that they have to meet. It also has a built-in timer, which allows them to set study sessions and track their progress.

ExamMonitor also provides students with a range of tools to help them learn more effectively. It has a library of resources, including notes, practice problems, and even video tutorials. It also has an integrated flashcard system, which allows students to review important concepts quickly and easily.

ExamMonitor also provides an abundance of features to help students stay organized and motivated. It has an integrated calendar, which allows them to track their progress in their studies and set goals for themselves. It also has a rewards system, which provides students with incentives for meeting their goals.

Finally, ExamMonitor includes a comprehensive analytics system, which tracks the progress of each student. It helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses, and provides them with personalized feedback on their performance.

Whether you're looking for a more affordable alternative or just want to explore the range of options available, these five apps are some of the best alternatives to Proctorio. Each offers its own unique features that make it an ideal choice for remote proctoring.

23 Jan 2023